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Random Chibi Time with... by GemiAndMini Random Chibi Time with... :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 3 2 Currently Revising Princess Liberty by GemiAndMini Currently Revising Princess Liberty :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 1 0 Just a random Profile Pic by GemiAndMini Just a random Profile Pic :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 2 2 Let the Duel Commence! by GemiAndMini Let the Duel Commence! :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 10 15 Sketch of an upcoming Fanart by GemiAndMini Sketch of an upcoming Fanart :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 2 3 FE Fates Elise by GemiAndMini FE Fates Elise :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 3 2 Random Chibi Time with... by GemiAndMini Random Chibi Time with... :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 4 0 Some of my old OCs by GemiAndMini Some of my old OCs :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 3 3 Musical Duet by GemiAndMini Musical Duet :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 1 0 Growing Potential by GemiAndMini Growing Potential :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 2 2
Princess Liberty Chp 1
        The castle of Nerval was filled with scurrying servants preparing items for an upcoming event. The special event was the “Blossoming Springs”. It was where the royal family and its people of Nerval would gather to celebrate the first day of Spring and the end of the “Ports Wars”. The main festival, which lasted for three days, was held in the second largest port of the country, Forleed. That was where the last battle of the war occurred.
         The only member of the immediate royal family, Princess Amelia Cordelia Maris, was in one of her lessons. The young lady was the age of 17, a year before her coronation. She had short golden hair that went just above her shoulders, fair skin and an elegant ocean blue dress.
         Amelia was bored. She wanted to get out of there. Everytime she can, she would glance out the window and daydream but she would get caught and be scolded by her me
:icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 1 2
Stop Right There! by GemiAndMini Stop Right There! :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 1 3 Full body Amelia by GemiAndMini Full body Amelia :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 3 3 Amelia Concept by GemiAndMini Amelia Concept :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 2 0 Alex Fighting (?) by GemiAndMini Alex Fighting (?) :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 4 1 For Valentine's! by GemiAndMini For Valentine's! :icongemiandmini:GemiAndMini 4 0


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Surprise Drawing!
I would like to announce to all of my readers and watchers that I will, as soon as I can, post a big drawing, probably the biggest I've ever done. I won't say what it is, but it has something to do with my last story "His White Knight." I'd also like to say thank you very much to everyone who's been supporting my art as well as my writing. :)
:iconmaskedlady710:MaskedLady710 1 1
Francis Bonnefoy (Hetalia World Fighters) by MaskedLady710 Francis Bonnefoy (Hetalia World Fighters) :iconmaskedlady710:MaskedLady710 6 9 Tharja by velladonna Tharja :iconvelladonna:velladonna 112 6
MEML - Prince!Lithuania x Vengeful!Reader Pr
*Read description below first*

As the silvery light of the midnight moon streamed through the stained glass window, the young girl inside, who had once been sleeping that innocent sleep of children, was suddenly and somewhat roughly awoken from her slumber. "Princess!" an urgent but soft female voice said. "Princess, get up, hurry!" She quickly recognized that voice, the only one that called her by her title both out of propriety and out of affection. The girl groaned a little at first, but it wasn't long until she was fully awake.
"W-what is it…Eliza?" she asked in between yawns. "What's going…on?" When she saw it was still nighttime, she couldn't help but wonder what was going on that would make her nursemaid wake her up at this hour.
"Just put this on, hurry!" Eliza urged her again as she threw a coat at her. "Your shoes too! We don't have much time!" She then proceeded to help the young princess get her coat on over her nightdress, while the girl nearly fell ove
:iconmaskedlady710:MaskedLady710 10 2
Chelsea Lee! by Aizy-Boy40 Chelsea Lee! :iconaizy-boy40:Aizy-Boy40 184 12 The future of Kuudere Simulator by DancerQuartz The future of Kuudere Simulator :icondancerquartz:DancerQuartz 429 82 170519 - Regalia - Elaine 2 by Runshin 170519 - Regalia - Elaine 2 :iconrunshin:Runshin 350 7


Random Chibi Time with...
Another one of these 'cause I didn't know what to do for the day.

It features Alex and the new dude, Tristan. He's not really new, he was in the wattpad version of "Princess Liberty".
Currently Revising Princess Liberty
Sorry for being so inactive. I'm not really busy or anything that major.

Anyway, like the title said, I'm revising my series, "Princess Liberty" (I don't really like this title)

I don't really like how the "series" (if you want to call it) is turning out now. I basically write down things without thinking twice and when I look back on my story/comic/drawings I'm not satisfied.

So right now, I'm trying to build the world and figure out the stories before posting plot related things. For example, this is a concept I have for what type of clothing the castle's maids would wear, in extension what Madeline wears in her first appearance.

So, sorry again for not being active. I'll try to post more but I'm more active on my instagram of the same name.

(I'm also considering to change my username)
Let the Duel Commence!
Finally had time to finish this and it's not that bad. I thought I messed up the anatomy but it's okay.

Anyway, this character comes from a fanfiction titled, "His White Knight" by MaskedLady710. This particular scene came from part 13 when MC ( I'll just call her that) enters into the arena and choses to face Arthur in a duel. Now the background is just my imagination of what the arena looks like but the design of MC (minus the skin colour and hair style/colour) is created by the actual author.
Sketch of an upcoming Fanart
Sorry for not being active. I bit with school and packing.

But I was having an "artist block", as they say, and I was looking through a page of one the people I follow. Their account on DeviantArt is; MaskedLady710

And I was her design of her character, the White Knight. It looked pretty cool so I sketched a bit. I didn't really have much time to do anymore since I should be in bed and I still have homework to do. So here's the uncompleted version.

Psst! Just sayin', you should go check their stories out, especially "His White Knight". Sure it's a fanfiction, but even so, it's still a great read. And their pretty good at art, how else was I supposed to get this awesome design!
I got it on the it was released in Europe but I didn't have time to write a journey entry 'cause of exams. Ugh. But at least I have it and I'll be playing it none stop over the summer :)


GemiAndMini's Profile Picture
A mystery, my friends..
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello and welcome to my little page, where bad grammar and mediocre art could be found. I draw a lot of my OCs more than fanart. Sorry for this short bio but I'm a boring person and don't have a lot of things to talk about.

Hope you like my art!!

Sorry but I do not take requests, one of the reasons is that I'm bad with my time management.


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